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My overall passion in life is people. I love making sure people have what they need to meet their personal mission. For me, that means making sure we are equipped with the tools we need to overcome obstacles and ensuring we have the confidence it takes to address the day.

I’m an overall creative person. I went to school for architecture, spent years as a graphic designer, I play all brass instruments, I play piano and percussions, I sing, I write… I think you got it. I’m also an innovator. I love solving problems and tweaking workflows.

Most of all, I love sharing everything I learn.

Selfiepreneur is about exploring and developing the economy of one. It is really about creating value up front without expectation of return. This entire journey is about exploration and sharing growth hacks, life hacks, and productivity hacks.

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Creative Photography

Barefut clients have an appreciation for freedom from external barriers, confidence in personal choices, and the wisdom of expression.

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Rashad Pleasant is a 17 year veteran of the United States Air Force and has served as an award-winning professional photographer for the last 7 years. Rashad started with photography as a hobby in 2007 with no intention to ever pursue it as a business. The photography market thought differently and by 2010 he left a comfortable job in New York City to engage full time in the business of photography.

Rashad has traveled the globe taking photos in 5 countries and 24 of our great United States. Aside from numerous awards as a portrait and wedding photographer, Rashad has worked on assignment with organizations like NAACP, USO, and The Pentagon as well as notable personalities like Chopped champion Timothy Witcher, International Chef Lucman Pierre, and industry music producer Robert “Big Bert” Smith.